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Public Limited company

A Public Limited company, its Register under companies Act,1956
  • its not a Private Limitedcompany
  • its minimum paid-up capital of five lakhs or such higher capital
  • its private company but subsidiary of a public company
  • Minimum number of members is 7 and maximum there is No Limit
  • Directors required for registering minimum is 7 and maximum 12
  • The company Name End with Public Limited
  • The compliances are applicable to all provision of the Acts.
Additional Steps to be taken for formation of company
  • consent of directors to act as such in form - 29
  • Arrange for payment of application and allotment money by directors on shares taken or agreed 
  • File the statement in lieu of Prospectus with the ROC 
  • File a declaration in Form 20 duly signed by one of the directors
  • obtain the certificate of Commencement of Business.